Paige Pierce 3X European Open Cryztal Sparkle Fierce

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The Fierce is Paige's first disc in her line of pierce-discs and is her dream putter. The Fierce is a straight flying understable putter that has a small diameter and was designed along with Paige. Discraft is releasing this special run of the Fierce in CryZtal Sparkle plastic to commemorate Paige's 3rd European Win and her Women's record 17th Major title. 

With this release you are picking your disc color but the foil color will be random.

Putter: Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 0 | Stability 0

Customer Reviews

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Great Disc, but Outshined

This is a great feeling, great flying disc, but I prefer carrying the Tour Series and Soft Fierce instead. If I only wanted one, I'm not sure which I would choose between the TS and Crystal. Crystal is less stable, in-between the TS and the Soft, but all three will hold any line, glide forever, and land flat, so it's really up to you how much turn you want and what feel you want in your hand. The ESP TS is tackier, and the Soft is softer and extra tacky. I like them all, but I settled on the extremes in flight potential, with the TS being more Stable to OS, and the Soft being Stable to Under Stable.

Best throwing putter for lower arm speeds

I haven't found a throwing putter that has stayed in the bag but this definitely will, beautiful flight and hyzer flips to straight with a touch of turn to hit tight short gaps with ease.