Ezra Aderhold Signature Jersey



Rock this Ezra Aderhold performance gradient jersey to support Ezra on the road in 2023. These fully sublimated jerseys are a thicker dri-fit material and come in two colorway designs: Blue and Multi-Color. These jerseys include the Discraft logo on the right breast and the EZ logo on the left breast and are sure to stand out on the course. These run true to size.  

Customer Reviews

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William Carrone
Great design

Great design, size fits great, and supporting a great player

Matthew Lingner
Best Jersey Ever!

I love supporting Ezra and Discraft but this Jersey surpasses my bias. I love this jersey since is it comfortable both on and off the course, easy to move and play in, and has the perfect fabric for breathability and comfort.

Nicholas Pistilli
Why are these 100% Polyester???

Love Discraft, love Ezra, but I can’t imagine that a shirt that is 100% Polyester is the best thing for sweating? It doesn’t absorb anything and just leaves me completely wet under my shirt. This is the material of clothing I thought we all moved away from in the 90’s because it was tacky and it made every kid who chose to never wear deodorant smell 100% times worse. Every other moisture wicking/dri-fit shirt is a blend of different materials, not just all polyester. I’m keeping the shirt because I support Discraft and Ezra, but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear it because of the material. Is this Really what the pros like Ezra and them wear?

These are the types of shirts they wore from the Idiocracy movie. They wore 100% polyester because polyester doesn’t need water to be manufactured, and in their future, they didn’t use clean water for anything but toilets, because everyone is dumb in the future, apparently. See attached photo.

Aaron McGoldrick
It's great

I really like this jersey!!

It's very comfortable, high quality and very breathable.