Paige Pierce Soft Fierce

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The Fierce is Paige's first disc in her line of discs and is her dream putter. The Fierce is a straight flying understable putter that has a small diameter and was designed along with Paige. For the first time Discraft is releasing the Fierce in Soft Plastic. These Soft Fierces are exclusive to Paige's site and include a special PP/Mountain design. 

Putter: Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 0 | Stability 0 

With this release you are picking your disc color but the foil color will be random.


Customer Reviews

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Austin Daman
Please bring them back

This is the best putting putter ever made!!! Please bring them back

Amazing Putter!

So Sad that I can’t find them anywhere else. I truly hope they bring back the soft Fierce; it recently became my favorite putter and my putting game changed significantly. Bring them back please, I need backups.

Bring them back

PLEASE bring back the Soft Fierce!!! My favorite putter by far. I stepped away due to a contractual obligation, and was bummed to see I can’t snag more Soft Fierces.

Waiting ✋️

When will u have them available again 😢

Favorite Current Production Putter

I've got an OOP APX Swirl first run that is my number one putter, but this Soft Fierce flys almost the exact same and has the same feel in hand, gummy and very tacky. Excited to find a current model that's 90+% to what I know a love. I won't throw my Swirl, but I will certainly drive with the Soft Fierce and it is an epic driving putter. This holds any line with moderate power, and turns over and glides right with max power, but doesn't nose dive. It seems to always land flat or almost flat. I got the Tour Series, 3x Crystal, and the Soft Fierce, and the TS and Soft will live in my bag forever. The TS is my go to driving putter and floats forever like this Soft, but it is stable and is less easy to turn, although easy enough. The Crystal is nice too, but the TS ESP and the Soft cover the range of the Crystal, so it's on the self. Huge fan of the Fierce, please demand more so some lower weight options make the shelves. The Yellow color is the most outstanding color in the wild, it looks like a glow disc for the day time. Would love an actual Glo option for the Soft too, please!