Brodie Smith "Get Lucky" Jawbreaker ESP Avenger SS



Get Lucky with these St. Patricks Day inspired Avenger SS! The Avenger SS is a straight to understable fairway driver that is great for turnovers in the woods, rollers in the open, and hyzer flip shots. The Avenger SS was designed for recreational and intermediate players. These were ran in Jawbreaker ESP plastic, making these softer and grippier than standard ESP runs. It's time to Get Lucky with these Avenger SS!

Fairway Driver: Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn -3 | Fade 1 | Stability 0.5

NOTE: You are selecting your foil and weight. The Jawbreaker pattern will vary.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Broughton
Tons of fun

Great disc for a newer player learning to through hyzer flips! And of course, the jawbreaker plastic looks incredible

Simon Porritt
Flip Master!

I found the Jawbreaker ESP much more flipping than the old Z plastic I once threw. That said, I have been throwing this disc regularly since attaining it, it’s great for low power straight shots, high power hyzer flips, Long turnovers when thrown high around a corner, and easy backhand rollers. It’s a Hoot!

Johann Konig

Brodie Smith "Get Lucky" Jawbreaker ESP Avenger SS

John Betzold
Farther than base esp

After a round of throwing both my large dark horse stamp avenger ss and the Get Lucky, I got more consistent distance from the jawbdeaker esp then my go to current driver. 50+ helped me break my 350ft barrier. Soon to 400!

Michael Richard Warner
The best

The best selection, service and shipping in the game.