Brodie Swirl Soft "Scoober" Roach

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The Roach is Brodie's putter of choice and this plastic is special Swirl Soft blend. The Roach is the 2015 Ace Race disc and is a straight flier with supreme glide. The Roach is a beadless putter and feels great in the hand. This was a limited run with a special bottom stamp Scoober design. These are slightly stiffer than past runs in Swirl Soft plastic. 

NOTE: You are selecting your general swirl color for this release, not the exact disc/foil. The disc you receive will vary from the picture shown.

Putter: Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 1 | Stability 0.0

Customer Reviews

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Carl Weber
First shot gets bridie

The first time I used it in a round i got a bridie at about 40 feet. Stamp is on the inside. Bought it to support Brodie and to increase my putter collection for putting.

Colton Wyatt

Brodie Swirl Soft "Scoober" Roach

Micaela Ross
Love it

Used it and made some putts!’

partlow aaron
Soft to the touch!

I don’t use this for its intended purpose. Lol I just really wanted a roach that was super soft in this worked out really well. Absolutely love this no more two pets. worked out well. Absolutely love this no more two putts!