Ezra Aderhold Cryztal Buzzz



The world-renowned Buzzz needs no introduction. The Discraft Buzzz is the most popular disc in the game. It’s a super straight midrange and is the preferred midrange of many top pros. This CryZtal Buzzz is stamped with Ezra's logo. The CryZtal plastic makes this Buzzz stiff and stable, a perfect pair for bigger arms. 

Midrange: Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1 | Stability .5

NOTE: You are selecting your exact disc. All weigh 177g+ 
Buzzz Flight Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan Chubb
Great disc

Good feel in the hands, really nice buzzz to throw

Justin Adkins
Sick boy

That’s what I call it now.. I’m probably jinxing it but I’ve birdied every time I’ve thrown it.

Mitchell Johnson
Ez buzzz is $$$

It is the most neutral buzzz I have, it flies on the exact angle you put it on and it goes far!

It's definitely a Buzzz

Flies great and I am glad I purchased. I own three other Buzzz('s???), always a good, reliable shooter.

I will say, the crystal plastic, for me, isn't quite as grippy as the ESP plastic my other discs are made from. That said, I do love having an EZ disc in my bag, (he's one of my favorite players) and once I get some scuffs and this disc becomes good and broken in, I may change my mind. The plastic does feel good, I am probably just used to the feel of ESP.