Paul McBeth Jawbreaker Athena



The Discraft Athena is a straight to stable fairway driver and is the 6th disc in Paul McBeth's signature lineup. The Athena has been described by McBeth as a slower Anax. The Athena has a consistent flight path, making this a very controllable fairway driver. These Athenas were ran in Jawbreaker plastic for the first time, helping to impede skips while promoting increased grip. 

Fairway Driver: Speed 7 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability 1.1 

You are selecting your disc color, foil, and weight. The Jawbreaker pattern will vary.

Customer Reviews

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Ethan Shepard
Straight in the bag.

I wanted a slightly flippier Athena to pair with my prototype (stable) and lightweight esp Athena. My 165g jawbreaker Athena flips and holds the turn perfectly. Not as flippy as the vortex so it’s the perfect compliment in my bag in the 7 speeds.


Feels amazing can’t wait to throw it.

Bonehead #6977
Just what I was looking for.

Purchased this for my practice buddy who's 73. He loves his Innova Hawkeye, but he's a PM fanboy and I knew a 165 Athena would fit right in. Now he has a nice fairway driver with a bit of finish. I borrow it on occasion for a nice hyzer-flip that'll hold its line. Curious to see how the Jawbreaker plastic holds up...or doesn't.

Alexander Doyle
Jawbreaker Athena

I picked this up to try against my other Athenas (first run and protos). Found it to be slightly understable with great fade at the end. All in all love it

Jonathan lowery

Its amazing a disc I’ve definitely been looking for that starts straight to overstable that will beat in to straight