Paige Pierce 2023 Tour Series Top Stamp Fierce



The 2023 Tour Series Fierce showcases a tropical landscape and toucan: spotlighting Paige Pierce’s enthusiasm for traveling and experiencing new adventures. Crafted with Paige’s vision of what a perfect putter would be, the Fierce is bound to provide confidence on the putting green and off the tee. These are a limited release featuring a top stamp of Paige's logo with the bottom stamp tour series design.

Putter: Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 0 | Stability 0 

You are selecting your general swirl color and weight. Foil may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Favorite Driving Putter

Wanted to try this after watching PP demoing them on YouTube. I feel like this TS 2023 will be in my bag forever. It is a bit of a **** shoot how they will fly out of the box though. I ordered one, loved it, bought 3 more only to realize they all have slightly different stability. I got the perfect set, my original is the least stable, one is dead straight, one is slightly OS and the other is OS. I'm sure they'll all end up around my original, but it's cool to see them fly so different out of the box. This thing glides forever! 250 all day with a quality throw, and it will hold any line it's put on. The ESP feels great in hand, grippy and seems very durable. Sank a 120' putt within a couple of weeks with it! Max power will turn this over, but I've never had it roll over on me. It wants to stay flat and end flat, but will move right the entire flight if you want it to. Super fun disc that has already gotten me out of a lot of bogeys!

Derek Seeburger
Best flippy putter

By far my favorite flippy putter. I don’t have insane arm speed so the Fierce allows me to throw lines I otherwise couldn’t. Great disc for beginner as well!