Uli Mystery Box


Paul Ulibarri is the Co-Captain of Team Discraft and these Uli mystery boxes are being sold to support Paul on the road in 2023. Each box comes with 4 Limited Edition Uli stamped discs, a pair of Uli sunglasses and a Uli snapback hat. Colors, weights and molds will vary for the disc selection. The patch option will vary on the hat.

Customer Reviews

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Mitch Gill
Great Assortment

First time I’ve ordered one of these and it’s great. Some very good discs and a couple of extras. I’ll be doing this again.


Great selection of discs! It did not disappoint and provided a few I wouldn’t normally get.

Also, the hat and glasses are fit great.

Dope AF

Christian Arnold
Uli Mystery Box

I think the box had a nice selection of disc with a very nice hat. Hear me out, how about a Misprint Uli box?

Stanley Azevedo
Unknown disc…

I was able to get 3 discs I didn’t own which was nice. One will probably make my bag, I’m really liking the Uli Mantis. I have one disc that isn’t stamped and I can’t figure out what it is… wish there was a print out of the discs received or that they were marked so that I knew what they all were. As for the hat it’s comfy.

Jason Orona

Uli Mystery Box